06-19-2012 02:13 AM
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  1. Denenatse's Avatar
    I get a full days use 6am-midnight
    01-02-2012 11:09 AM
  2. croy2's Avatar
    I also had the problem where i used my phone for hours and it reported 100% battery life, only to suddenly drop to 65%. This happened to me on my iphone 3 as well. Any ideas?

    My Belkin car charger also cannot keep up when using Google Nav, despite its 5V 1A output; isn't this the same as the wall charger? Has anyone been able to find a 2 amp cigarette lighter car charger?
    01-03-2012 01:09 PM
  3. IPolyphemus's Avatar
    I love the phone the battery Sux...
    01-09-2012 09:59 AM
  4. johnner1999's Avatar
    Might be switching from an iPhone 4 due to the screen... How long to fully charge (iPhone typically in 2 hours) and with a 1amp car adapter can it run gps and not deplete battery.
    01-09-2012 08:37 PM
  5. _Zguy__'s Avatar
    After 15 hours of heavy texting with about an hour of web browsing and game play I only use about 50% of the battery
    01-10-2012 06:42 AM
  6. cmcnemar's Avatar
    I bought the Skyrocket and my wife got the plain Galaxy S II. With no active use, just two email sync services, my battery is down 15% after 4 hours. My wife's phone with similar settings is down 10% after 16 hours. That seems like a pretty large difference for only having to power a little larger screen, little faster processor, and LTE radio. Especially since we're in an area that doesn't have LTE or HSPA+.
    01-11-2012 10:49 AM
  7. dalvik's Avatar
    Hi guys just made some screenshots of my battery stats and thought i could post them here. I must say that my phone was on WiFi most of the time and i did not charge it overnight. It does drain the battery faster when I'm outside in the city especially in an LTE area. but overall I'm very pleased with battery life on this device and so far had to use my spare battery only once when I forgot to charge it at night and was 10% by the lunch time.... I was getting slightly better results with my Motorola Atrix. so here are the pics..... as you can see there is 36% left which will allow me a few more hours untill it'll hit 15%
    Attachment 20265

    Attachment 20266

    Attachment 20267
    01-11-2012 03:39 PM
  8. jsarino's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this. :thumbup:

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    01-11-2012 07:29 PM
  9. MAGiK9's Avatar
    I went 16 hours yesterday unplugged with moderate use most of the day (texting, web). I also streamed "From Paris With Love" and was only down to 30%. I highly suggest rooting and getting nexus ROM and titanium backup. I froze several background apps that kill my battery. I also disabled the LTE radio since i an not in an LTE area.
    01-12-2012 07:16 AM
  10. MAGiK9's Avatar
    NeXuS rom. Worth giving it a try.
    01-14-2012 09:13 PM
  11. dalvik's Avatar
    NeXuS rom. Worth giving it a try.
    yeahh.. thats really cool. but the thing is i really love and enjoy Samsung's touchwiz does this rom still have touchwiz on top of it?
    01-14-2012 09:50 PM
  12. MAGiK9's Avatar
    It has a little different UI.. But it's very similar. All the bloat ware is gone and i have even froze a few apps that like to run in the background. I also went and re calibrated my battery through clock work mod.

    I've tried almost all the roms, and i keep coming back to NeXuS. My phone feels snappier and the battery has drastically improved.
    01-15-2012 07:26 AM
  13. s3ntrax's Avatar
    my battery life has greatly improved ever since i started using the Juice Defender Ultimate and tweaked some of the settings. Shutting off the 4G data when the screen is off and only have it pull updates for apps that require data like every half an hour or so makes a ton of difference.
    01-15-2012 02:11 PM
  14. dalvik's Avatar
    Shutting off the 4G data when the screen is off and
    does it allow you to turn off LTE only? or it turns off data completely? thanks.
    01-15-2012 10:33 PM
  15. MAGiK9's Avatar
    NeXuS ROM has these options.
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    01-16-2012 06:31 AM
  16. s3ntrax's Avatar
    does it allow you to turn off LTE only? or it turns off data completely? thanks.
    It would have that feature but AT&T removed that option from their ROM. So the stock ROM doesn't have that feature but Juice Defender does have some kind of an option to install something that supposedly would enable it. It says thats its highly experimental and that you should do a backup of your whole phone in case something goes wrong and you need to restore it. I haven't tried that feature yet.
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    01-16-2012 09:20 AM
  17. s3ntrax's Avatar
    i also forgot to mention that i have auto task killer app that exits apps that are running in the background when the phone's screen is off. I have it set not to shut off like 3G Watchdog Pro and JuiceDefender, other than that as soon as the screen shuts off all of the apps exit the memory and extend the battery life like that as well.
    01-16-2012 03:28 PM
  18. PewterL31's Avatar
    I also installed juice defender and close running apps. I get a day in full charge with moderate to heavy use

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    01-16-2012 04:02 PM
  19. cajunlte's Avatar
    Personally I am showing 69% after some 8hours today. Stock rom but rooted. Facebook app for me was the culprit for never entering deep sleep.

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    01-16-2012 04:48 PM
  20. dalvik's Avatar
    thanks for your feedback guys. I will try the juice defender tonight and see what i can possibly tweak there
    01-16-2012 06:33 PM
  21. s3ntrax's Avatar
    just a small update, im home from work now and its been 12 hours and 30 minutes since my phone was fully charaged and not plugged in at all during the day. The battery its at 42%
    01-16-2012 06:56 PM
  22. StatuSChecKa's Avatar
    I dont understand how my battery just drained 20% overnight.
    No calls or texts, not even sure if it was syncing. The phone was from a fresh reboot.
    01-17-2012 09:26 AM
  23. chippy19977's Avatar
    I just started using Juice Defender and I'm at 28% after 13 hours and 45 minutes of moderate to heavy usage. Before Juice Defender I would be totally drained by now.

    Also found that Facebook is a huge drain unless you fully exit each time.
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    01-17-2012 08:23 PM
  24. I Monarch's Avatar
    I don't use anything to "kill" apps, I don't use any of these battery monitoring apps, I just use this device like I've used every device I've owned, and I get FANTASTIC battery life. Right out of the box, 2 Gmail accounts syncing, a Hotmail for junk, and using Google Music over Bluetooth, Twitter, and YouTube all day. I make it from 8:30 til midnight with about 20% left.
    01-18-2012 12:55 PM
  25. radman202's Avatar
    so on the face of that, it doesn't make sense. This phone can't do that. The battery isn't even advertised to be that robust. Either you are fibbing, they slipped a beta test high capacity battery in your phone, or the rest of us all have a battery draining virus.

    The screen is such a huge drain that you can't have it on for playing videos etc all day and not drain the battery. I love the phone but don't know what to do with posts like this that really don't make sense.
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    01-18-2012 01:01 PM
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