1. CZ Eddie's Avatar
    I have an OEM Samsung Infuse car dock. I tested the Skyrocket in it tonight. The fit was a tiny bit loose, but it worked great. You cannot use a case with this.
    Once you clip the dock's built-in USB to the phone, I don't think the phone will fall out unless maybe you're going 4x4 through some serious terrain.

    Great deal at $18 also. Would I recommend buying it for the Skyrocket? Maybe not, since it's not a perfect fit and the Skyrocket may get it's own dock from Samsung within a month or two if it sells well.
    But if you already have the Infuse dock, then don't get rid of it! Use it!

    Vehicle Mount - Samsung Infuse 4G - Cell Phone Accessories - from AT&T
    11-07-2011 12:10 AM