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    I purchased the Skyrocket sunday afternoon, worked well, but never really fully charged.. full charged it sunday evening and my phone was used casually @ work on monday, a lil extra on lunch break 12pm, meter/indicator stayed @ full charge all day as well, around 230pm phone went dead w/ no warning.. hooked up to car charger and nothing but vibrates every 5 seconds, thought that was odd no screen light up or anything, so i brought it straight back to best buy... they hook it up to wall charger, phone boots right up....felt like a dummy...

    Today same thing casual use all day, well around 6pm driving home guess phone dies in mid call, same thing no warning, meter/indicator was @ 100% all day....Both yesterday and today phone was on silent mode, not sure if that matters....

    Its driving me nuts!!!!!!!
    11-08-2011 08:12 PM
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    Hard reset and get a battery widget.

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    11-08-2011 08:17 PM
  3. joeynym's Avatar
    Fully charged last night, went to work 7am, 12 noon full battery so I connect USB charger and disconnect sure enough it went down 66% now beautiful Widgets battery meter same problem. Not sure what to do next. Probably going to do the factory reset.
    11-09-2011 11:41 AM
  4. joeynym's Avatar
    just an fyi to the battery charging/indicator issues... Ok I use the belkin surge protector w/ usb, I use this same unit to charge my samsung galaxy s2 and I have no issues at all.... here is the surge protector...
    Amazon.com: Belkin Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger: Electronics
    11-25-2011 12:08 AM
  5. jpommer's Avatar
    The update to Gingerbread 2.3.6 was pushed out to me yesterday, and seems to have fixed the battery meter. Before that it read 100% all the time, just like yours.
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    11-25-2011 06:26 AM
  6. gaygeek's Avatar
    I've been having the same issue--rebooting seems to fix it to get the battery meter working again, but every day after a full charge, it shows 100% until I reboot it. I'm glad to hear the 2.3.6 update fixes it--it hasn't been available for me yet.
    11-25-2011 12:42 PM
  7. StatuSChecKa's Avatar
    That will be great if the update fixes the issue. I am tired of restarting my phone every afternoon.
    Even with a battery widget it still shows 100 on 2.3.5%.
    11-25-2011 01:42 PM
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    I posted this on another Android forum but I will post it here as well...

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is am AMP issue or not. The travel charger w/ USB cord that comes with the Skyrocket is part# ETA0U80JBE. It has a 1.0 AMP charging capacity. Most other chargers only have a 0.7 AMP capacity. It seems odd that both the AT&T store and Samsung's own website lists the extra / replacement charger for this phone as one that only handles 0.7 AMPs? Most other places also list 0.7 AMP units as being compatible units. However, if you search by exact part #, there are a few places online including Amazon.com and Ebay that sell the ETA0U80JBE 1 AMP units. They are made by Samsung (they have the Samsung name on them) and they look and have the same specs as the one that comes with the SkyRocket.

    It seems many (if not most) people that are having the 100% battery issue are using chargers that only deliver up to 0.7 AMPs but the people that use the chargers that came with the phone (1.0 AMP) do not have the problem. The 0.7 AMP chargers work, but I can't help but wonder if they are what is causing the issue. I thought it might be a problem related to the overcharge protection and it still might be. Or it could be a combination of the lower AMPs and the overcharge technology. However, if the overcharge detection ciruit is located in the phone itself, it shouldn't make a diference. If the overcharge circuit is in the charger itself, it might be part of the problem with the lower AMP chargers or chargers that do not have overcharge protection.

    I am ordiering one of the ETA0U80JBE 1 AMP chargers from Amazon.com just to have a spare. It will be interesting to find out if anyone can identify (without a doubt) what exactly is causing this issue and how to fix it. The lastest OS uprade for the phone did not seem to address it.
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    11-26-2011 12:35 AM
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    Fwiw, i've been having this same"battery always at 100%" issue as well, but although I did install the 2.3.6 update, the problem continues.

    I thunk the issue started upon use of a non stock charger, specifically the Belkin surge suppressor + dual USB port plug; I believe the USB ports on this charger deliver 1 amp.

    In my case, rebooting the phone causes the battery to display the correct battery status.

    I'm going to revert too the stock charterer for a few days to confirm whether the problem is specifically due to a non stock charger.
    11-26-2011 11:51 AM
  10. StatuSChecKa's Avatar
    I wish we could merge the two battery threads.
    I will continue using the stock charger as well.
    11-26-2011 12:43 PM
  11. Dondodge08's Avatar
    This issue was happening to me when I was using the iPhone wall charger to charge the phone overnight
    11-27-2011 08:17 PM
  12. gaygeek's Avatar
    I've been using the stock charger since I got the phone and I have the issue every day... I don't think using a non-stock charger is the explanation, I'm afraid.
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    11-27-2011 08:34 PM
  13. joeynym's Avatar
    I've been using the stock charger since I got the phone and I have the issue every day... I don't think using a non-stock charger is the explanation, I'm afraid.
    I feel the same way...
    11-30-2011 07:00 PM
  14. mrfr3sh2def's Avatar
    What's wrong with your battery indicator? Mine seems to be working fine.

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    11-30-2011 07:12 PM
  15. LoSt180's Avatar
    I'm having this same problem as well. It happens almost daily, since I charge overnight. Either a battery pull, or shut down/turn on fixes the meter display.

    I haven't used the OEM wall-wart to charge my phone with. I have a fastmac "U-socket" usb outlet that I use to charge phones with. The each USB outlet is rated for 2.0 amps, and charges my old BlackBerries as well as iPhone, and my HP Touchpad without issue.

    I passed this, and a few other similar threads to Galaxy S Support on twitter. They said they would pass the info along for "further analysis".

    Phone manufacturers went to microUSB as a standard, so any microUSB charger should work, we shouldn't have to go back to the days of proprietary chargers for each phone.
    12-06-2011 12:31 PM
  16. netarc's Avatar
    Fwiw, I've been using the stock charger this last week, and haven't run into the issue...in my case, at least, it only occurs when using a3rd party charger...pita :-(
    12-06-2011 04:10 PM
  17. milkyway2011's Avatar
    Yes, I used to get the 100% batter indicator all day. I found that using non-stock charger is an issue.

    I have since gone back to the stock charger and it is working fine with the 1.0 amp.

    I have also upgraded to 2.3.6 but I don't think that is the fix. It is most likely due to the non-stock charger.
    12-06-2011 04:47 PM