1. sharmahw's Avatar
    Got Skyrocket after migrating from Samsung Infuse4G where my tethering to laptop was working flawlessly, spped was pretty good. Migrated the plan to Skyrocket, tethering connects my laptop fine but only get sites like CNN, yahoo (perhaps already cached), CNBC, NYTIMES and many others simply hang. When tested on Skyrocket after stopping tethering, all sites work fine, also laptop connected to home wifi router all web sites work fine. Strange behavior! anyone ran into tethering issues with Skyrocket?
    btw: also got 'camera failed' when clicked on Camera icon!
    Spend hour plus with tech support, went to AT&T store no help! 2nd phone AT&T store mgr tried was DEAD, will not even power on. Another demo unit in store could not tether successfully either.
    Not a happy customer at this time. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Did anyone try tethering a laptop using their tethering plan? I am in NJ and have no AT&T LTE here.
    11-08-2011 09:55 PM