12-12-2011 03:14 AM
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  1. SteveISU's Avatar
    Just curious? Stock isn't too bad.
    11-13-2011 02:44 PM
  2. iJITSU's Avatar
    I use Dolphin HD. Tried Firefox, Opera, etc and prefer Dolphin.
    11-13-2011 02:53 PM
  3. plumbrich's Avatar
    Dolphin mini
    11-13-2011 02:54 PM
  4. anon(464338)'s Avatar
    Do you guys notice any performance improvement? I've been looking at some reviews on YouTube and the checker board popping up worries my a little.

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    11-13-2011 03:13 PM
  5. eddieras's Avatar
    was using dolphin and switched to xscope pro - like both
    11-13-2011 03:52 PM
  6. wickedstitch's Avatar
    Being new to this whole Android world, it has not even occurred to me to switch up my browser.
    11-13-2011 03:59 PM
  7. El Jefe's Avatar
    Miren browser. I prefer it to stock. Its just as fast & has more options.
    11-13-2011 04:21 PM
  8. planoman's Avatar
    Stock. I have tried many but keep coming back to stock.
    11-13-2011 04:52 PM
  9. Tom S.'s Avatar
    xscope. Awesome.
    11-14-2011 04:46 PM
  10. StatuSChecKa's Avatar
    I'm not happy with any. I am back to using stock mobile web.
    For iPhone I use Perfect Browser...they need to port that to Android ++1
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    11-14-2011 07:44 PM
  11. jedah's Avatar
    Opera has been my default. It seems to do the best job of reflowing text when I zoom.

    Otherwise, I use the default browser when I have a location based search.
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    11-15-2011 03:08 AM
  12. jflexe99's Avatar
    Dolphin HD. Get the full 4.5 inch of viewing pleasure
    11-15-2011 02:51 PM
  13. jonh918's Avatar
    so far i'm using stock, opera mini and dolphin...
    11-17-2011 09:47 AM
  14. VDub2174's Avatar
    I've grown to like Skyfire personally.
    11-17-2011 10:39 AM
  15. PewterL31's Avatar
    Used opera on iPhone and from what I read seems to be the fastest on android

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    11-24-2011 01:43 AM
  16. jldoom's Avatar
    I've only used the stock and Dolphin HD browser. Haven't used anything else. Like the Dolphin Browser though, not even for the gestures but the look of it I guess.
    11-24-2011 10:06 AM
  17. artyshellz#AC's Avatar
    Dolphin HD works really well for me, love the look & design.

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    11-25-2011 09:21 PM
  18. BLOND37's Avatar
    stock.. someone told me its really dolphin
    11-26-2011 12:53 AM
  19. El Jefe's Avatar
    stock.. someone told me its really dolphin
    Someone told you wrong.
    11-28-2011 07:35 PM
  20. erwaso's Avatar
    I used to love opera mini but moved to Miren and love it
    11-28-2011 10:24 PM
  21. CZ Eddie's Avatar
    Anyone know of any browser that will either synch with my Chrome bookmarks or at least allow me to import my Chrome bookmarks?

    Or IE bookmarks?
    11-29-2011 10:43 AM
  22. jbrandonf's Avatar
    I want to use the stock browser so bad but mine is functionally unusable. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?:

    I often leave browser tabs open because I'm always reading something online. Now when I leave my browser (long enough for the phone to clear the cache) and come back to the browser all the open tabs I had are gone. This was the same on my Sensation and I was forced to use Dolphin HD because I need to be able to leave browser windows open. I will never use Dolphin again for the lies they told about webzine but that's beside the point. Can anyone else confirm that their stock browser functions the same way?
    12-02-2011 08:19 AM
  23. eddieras's Avatar
    i just downloaded opera - not bad so far (been using xscope). but i don't see tabs on opera tho it says it has tab browsing - anyone?
    12-02-2011 08:53 AM
  24. PewterL31's Avatar
    It does u need to click on the pic with a page infront of the other

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    12-03-2011 10:55 AM
  25. phxrick's Avatar
    I am using dolphin like it plus it uses Lasspass

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    12-03-2011 11:05 AM
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