1. DanB1969's Avatar
    I've had my Skyrocket for about a week - in NYC - great phone overall - but I've found there are some locations (notably my office in midtown) where other AT&T phones (i.e., iPhones) have better signals than I do. There have also been several instances of incoming calls going straight to voicemail, or my being unable to make outgoing calls because I have no network.

    I have not had a call drop - once I am on the network it seems okay - but occasionally have trouble picking up the network to begin with.

    Also, my Visual Voicemail (which worked well for me on my old BlackBerry of which I am thankfully now rid) is quite flaky - keeps delivering a "no data network" message and not downloading voicemails, even when all my other apps have data connectivity.

    Anyone else having voice call quality problems? I am starting to think it might be a specific phone issue because of the nature of the problem.

    11-15-2011 12:59 PM
  2. lynxy's Avatar
    this is what I found with SGS2. Came back to iphone 4, which is not the best due to death grip, but better than sgs2. Also SGS2 WIFI is far worse .
    11-16-2011 08:08 AM