1. jabtyler's Avatar
    I have found a few ways to delete apps but there are some I cant get rid of. for example I have email and gmail and they both check the same gmail account and i want to get rid of one of them so i dont get 2 notifications per email i get.

    is there any way to change the 4 apps at the bottom?

    thanks i just switched from a iphone 3gs and its taking a little time to figure it all out
    11-19-2011 12:04 PM
  2. terefel's Avatar
    Deleting apps or accounts? I ended up scrapping the email program and just using gmail, because, like you mentioned, I was getting two sets of notifications. Go into settings in email (I believe using the menu button) and delete the info in there.

    To swap them out at the bottom of the screen, go into apps, press menu button, press edit, then swap them out like you would on your iphone
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    11-19-2011 12:31 PM