1. Reggie's Avatar
    Got to say it works great! Set up my Harmony remote to add a new input to my Marantz AV8003. Now I can steam sound and video from the phone to my 60" SXRD Sony.
    11-20-2011 11:51 AM
  2. planoman's Avatar
    I picked up an mhl cable also and it does work well! I did not realize it hooks to full size HDMI cable. I like the setup on my Atrix 2 a little better since it is a micro HDMI and it has a dedicated input for it. Make it easier to carry on the road to watch netflix on hotel TV's.

    I guess at home it would be fine to use the skyrocket! The videos and pictures I have taken looked fine on it.
    11-20-2011 05:28 PM
  3. artofdesign's Avatar
    Huh? How?
    11-20-2011 06:20 PM
  4. Johnny D's Avatar
    What about composite yellow, red & white? My nav screen in my car has composite input jacks. Is there a way to get composite out of the Skyrocket?
    11-20-2011 08:14 PM
  5. planoman's Avatar
    There maybe a way to do composite cables, but I do not know it. The mhl adapter hooks to the micro usb port in the bottom and then you hook up your micro usb power cord into the mhl adapter then you hook a full sized HDMI cable into it and then hook to an open HDMI port on the TV and presto, you can HDMI mirror.

    The TV screen will show whatever is on the screen of your skyrocket. The adapter cost about $29. You may be able to get it for less but I wanted an OEM adapter.
    11-20-2011 09:43 PM
  6. Johnny D's Avatar
    I wonder if this would work with the MHL adapter?

    11-20-2011 10:35 PM
  7. Dranakin's Avatar
    Had a question: if you use the HDML out cable with Netflix, does it output at 720p?
    11-21-2011 04:26 PM