1. Jfenton78's Avatar
    I'm trying to use my thinkoutside stowaway Bluetooth keyboard with my skyrocket but it doesn't seem to conect. I can get it to pair and it shows up as a hid device but it wont connect. Has any one had any success with Bluetooth keyboards? What about mice?

    Ive seen the videos on the international GS2, but haven't found much info on the skyrocketing.

    11-28-2011 08:38 PM
  2. ChromeJob's Avatar
    Posted in another thread how to pair, double check you're following these steps:

    The pairing process can be secure or insecure ... with the appropriate driver (which I had for my Nokia 6682 (Symbian)). For Androids and iPhones, you're doing a secure pairing. As mentioned, hold down CTRL, LEFT FN (blue) and RIGHT FN (green) keys until the Keyboard Status Light (green LED above "T") starts blinking once per second. It's now discoverable. Scan for devices on your mobile, and select "Pair with this" when the correctly named keyboard comes up. Put in a PIN of 1-9 digits (numerals only) and click OK. Holding the LEFT FN (blue) key to enable numerals on your keyboard, enter the same numbers, and (still holding LEFT FN) click Enter/OK/Select.

    Normally, the Keyboard Status Light will blink slowly (once every four seconds), indicating it is connected and ready. If the light stops blinking, the keyboard has gone to sleep, just press the space bar or another key again. If the light glows red after opening, it means you need to replace the batteries.
    12-15-2011 07:19 PM