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    Please post your peaceful pros and cons to both iPhone and Android. And remember that everyone is just giving their honest opinion and there is no wrong opinion!!!!

    And let me just say that I have owned both an iPhone 3GS and currently a Skyrocket

    To name a few: (please excuse my spelling)


    -customizability (that's my new word); there's too much to cover here, widgets, homescreens, launchers, system options
    -a wide range of styles and sizes- get a square phone like the Pantech Pocket, a 2.5"/keyboard phone like the HTC Status, or a 4.5" like the Skyrocket. In multiple colors.
    -a variety of screen technologies that offer you different viewing pleasures.
    -better music option - I think PowerAmp is just about unbeatable compared to iPhone's music app.
    -drag and drop files to and from your computer... no damn iTunes crap goin on like with Apple.
    -apps can do more - iPhone has quite a limited operating system if you think about it
    -more free apps I would say

    -Software updates (nexus owners not included)
    -BATTERY: I have every single radio off except for when in use, and my screen is always at around a third brightness, auto-sync disabled, and JuiceDefender on agressive, and I barely get a day of use on my Skyrocket. Probably because of the specs (trying to find a root for it that works with my Mac so I can get SetCPU).


    -More stylish and premier build quality in my opinion.
    -Universal software updates for devices that are 2-3 years or less of age.
    -A more consistent theme - A lot of Android apps are pretty ugly and in general, Android tends to struggle with identity.
    -iPhone 4+s have some very sharp screens
    -BETTER BATTERY - don't even argue this
    -More third party accessaries in general.
    -Rick Perry could operate an iPhone

    -Cliche, gets old, you don't feel "special" with an iphone
    -Too small of a screen some would argue
    -This iTunes crap really wore on me
    -Less bugs - actually no bugs really (in my experience, not saying there haven't been bugs for iPhones
    -Almost zero customizability - BORING look after a while.
    -Last time I checked, if you want double the storage, your looking at an extra $100.

    Please share yours!!
    12-04-2011 10:54 PM
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    Great thread. I agree with everything. The iphone is simple. Very simple. That's apples biggest pro and also it's biggest con. #teamandroid4life
    12-05-2011 09:53 PM