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    I was having issues with my gmail getting pushed to the gmail app on the phone with up to 1 hour delays or the app showing there was new mail but it never made it to my inbox (but was located in all mail folder) . A brief search showed this was a known issue and it was being worked on. I hate not getting my mail pushed so I am currently using the email app on the phone (which is working just fine) . Now my issue is sometimes after I delete an email and back out of the app I get a notification for new mail and there will be nothing there.

    I really hope Google gets the bug(s) worked out of the gmail app as I really prefer it over the email app.

    To that end, is anyone else experiencing this with the email app and possibly have any recommendations for me on what to do?
    12-06-2011 08:02 PM
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    When you delete an email, you have to give it a few seconds before exiting the email apparently because it is trying to process it from your data. I prefer the email app vs the Gmail IMO.

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    12-07-2011 01:21 AM