1. MAGiK9's Avatar
    I enabled it today and I set it to 70% and I felt like my battery was worse. Any suggestions?
    12-08-2011 04:45 PM
  2. djrbx's Avatar
    I personally just disabled the power saving mode. All it does is disable your radios like wifi, gps, bluetooth and changed how your screen acts when it reaches the set threshold. I found that using widgets like facebook or twitter is the main culprit in battery draining. Since I removed those widgets, my battery now lasts me at least 12 hours with all the radios (minus bluetooth) enabled w/ my screen set to auto and a 30 second timeout.
    12-08-2011 05:22 PM
  3. dalvik's Avatar
    coming from an Atrix 4G, I must say there is a noticeable difference in battery life. I am missing a simple feature that was in the Atrix's power management where you could set the time when you want your phone to suspend all syncing and radios except cellular like lets say from 10 pm to 8am. you can get that in juice defender from the market btw. (paid version only) the stock power saving mode on SR is completely useless I have it disabled as well.
    12-08-2011 06:51 PM