1. dbomb88's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I am a brand new user to android phones, longtime iphone user so please bear with me ! Just got the phone today and absolutely love it with this one exception.

    Simply put... I cannot connect the phone to my PC (windows 7 64 bit). The phone itself recognizes that it is connected but is constantly alreting me in my message box that it is connected. Ive gathered that i need to press "connect" on the phone to connect it to my PC. BUT the usb icon only flashes on the screen for a split second. its like its stuck in an infinite loop of initiating and establishing a connection. Device manager on the PC is unable to recognize the device drivers.

    Think you guys can help me out?
    12-29-2011 07:00 PM
  2. spddy's Avatar
    check to make sure your firewall is not blocking it on your pc.
    12-29-2011 09:18 PM
  3. Nchaka's Avatar
    I had a similar problem and it was recommended that I try Samsung Kies. It will put the drivers on your computer and you will be able to connect to it.
    Kies 2.0
    12-29-2011 09:22 PM
  4. dbomb88's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses guys i really appreciate it. Actually figured out what the issue is...
    spddy - i disabled my firewall, no luck.

    I have two front facing usb ports on my PC. Worked 100% fine with my iphone so i assumed they were 'ok' for the hell of it i plugged into a USB port on the back of my PC and that fixed it... i can now see and connect to USB storage from the notification center. Kind of a bummer. I'm out of USB ports and the darn cord to come with is much to short.

    Thank you for the ideas, I am downloading Kies 2.0 as we speak and will definitely be utilizing that.
    12-30-2011 03:20 PM