09-22-2014 12:35 PM
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    I should also mention a few settings adjustments I made yesterday evening.

    I got a low battery warning around 7:30 p.m., despite my new 3800 mAh battery.
    Settings->Battery showed that 45% was used by Google Play Services, and 33% was used by Browser.

    After some online searches I concluded that the Google Play Services problem was due to overuse of "Location Services" by something. So I disabled Location Services:
    Google Settings -> Location -> [uncheck]"Access location"
    Google Settings -> Search & Now -> Google Now [OFF]
    Settings -> Location Services -> [unchecked] the 3rd box ("Location and Google Search")
    (Initially, I also disabled the first two boxes ("Use wireless networks" and "Use GPS satellites") but that prevented the essential(!) Where's My Droid app from working.)
    These changes seem to have completely eliminated Google Play Services as a battery consumer.

    The "Browser" battery usage was puzzling, because I hadn't done any web browsing on the phone at all! It turns out that it was "Browser sync" which was apparently triggering Browser activity on my phone whenever I used Chrome on my PC (which is pretty much all the time). So I disabled it:
    Settings -> Accounts,Google -> [touch my google account (my email address)] -> [uncheck] Sync Browser
    It was probably unnecessary, but I also unchecked the Sync options for all all the Google Play, Google+, and Picasa features.
    That seems to have eliminated Browser as a battery consumer, unless I actually do web surfing on my phone.

    It was probably unnecessary, but I also disabled some other apps that I was pretty sure I didn't need:
    Settings -> Application Manager -> [scroll-right-to]All -> [scroll-down-and-disable] {almost all the AT&T apps, anything to do with Yahoo or weather, etc.}

    As of 12:30 p.m. today, having spent 33 minutes talking on the phone (plus a few texts, but no web browsing), I still have 90% battery left, and the Settings->Battery app shows:
    Voice calls: 46%
    Screen: 35%
    Google Services: 6%
    Cell standby: 5%
    Android System: 4%
    Device idle: 3%
    Android OS: 3%
    Gmail: 2%

    Google Play Services and Browser aren't even listed.

    One other note: Settings->Battery doesn't continuously update. You have to hit the "refresh" icon at the top (the pair of rotating arrows) (or exit it and re-enter it) to see updated battery usage statistics.
    09-22-2014 12:02 PM
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    i wanted to know if these non OEM batteries did as well..

    i use my NFC everyday... so i would like an extended battery to have NFC as well.
    The Laza Zcell battery does apparently include NFC support. Most other extended batteries don't.
    09-22-2014 12:35 PM
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