1. jess.hickey's Avatar
    Has anyone used these with their SR? Their app says they are not fully compatible with the GS2s and was hoping for some good feedback on what does and does not work.

    That being said, has anyone found any other nice headsets that have full function inline controls for android?
    01-10-2012 09:50 PM
  2. Kalifornia's Avatar
    I have the Klipsch x10i and there are limited functions that work but it's not going to be fully functional. I kind of gave up using the buttons because of this and just enjoy the headphones but I believe you can pause/play music and end calls with the buttons. I don't remember being able to adjust the volume or select the next/previous song though.

    Hope that helps. Unfortunately it seems most headphones were designed to work with iPhones.
    01-11-2012 02:25 PM
  3. jess.hickey's Avatar
    Alright, so I went out and got the klipsch s4a headset...horrible !!! Absolutely no bass and even the mids were weak. As outlined on klipsch website the functions are limited with the S2s including the SR. I promptly exchanged for the Dre ibeats and downloaded "Headset Button Control" from the market.

    This app is awesome. It allows to use iPhone designed headphones and actually get function out of the middle button. You get set what a single, double, triple and quadruple click does. In addition you can set what a 1,2,3 or 4 click plus hold does.

    I can now skip forward, return to beginning of current song or go to the previous track and...control the volume.

    If you've got a favorite pair of headphones with the iPhone controls, check this app out.
    01-11-2012 02:33 PM