1. jtmcduffie's Avatar
    I have an early Skyrocket which I have enjoyed greatly - but for the past several weeks I've had a strange problem: the phone's mic does not function when using the unit normally as a handset (you know - phone to ear). What is strange is that it works perfectly in Speaker Phone mode or when using either a wired or Bluetooth headsets. In "handset" mode there is a "no sound" graphic (sawtooth waveform with a diagonal line through it) to the left of the "Hold" icon.

    The phone worked fine until one morning and it hasn't worked since then.

    Rebooting does not affect the problem.
    Pulling the battery trick also fails.
    A "Factory Data Reset" w/ "sdcard" format did not resolve the problem.

    Samsung had me send it to their warranty service center in TX - claimed it passed all tests and returned it. Doing nothing but replacing the battery and SIM card - the phone still refused to function as a handset.

    AT&T replaced the SIM card - no change.

    AT&T warranty sent me a replacement phone. It worked just fine with battery and SIM card ... until the firmware was updated over the air. Now it will not function as a handset.

    Any clues why this might be?

    Also: I installed and played with the TapeMachine Lite application (from android market) - it works great with either the front or rear microphone selected. The gain on the "front mic" matches what you'd expect for making dictation in the "handset" position; gain on the "rear mic" what you'd expect for recording a meeting a'la speaker phone mode. The microphones themselves seem to function properly. It looks to be the telephone "app" that is failing.
    01-12-2012 02:20 AM
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    The icon you are seeing is the " noise suppression" icon. If you press the options key well the call is connected you can toggle this option on and off. Note that this option is only available when on a regular handset call.
    01-12-2012 12:31 PM
  3. jtmcduffie's Avatar
    Thanks - this did fix the problem. How come AT&T and/or Samsung support didn't think of this?
    01-13-2012 12:56 AM