1. boundbymusic's Avatar
    Hey all,
    I have searched around the interweb quite a bit and can't seem to find an answer to this. The closest I found was in the GNex forum, but it seemed that they thought it was a ICS problem (since it works on the Razr and through Verizon's messaging app).

    Is there any way (or any app) that will allow me to Reply All to a group text? I have a few friends with iPhones and when I get a group text I can't reply to more than one person, even though if you go to the text detail it shows all of the phone numbers that received that text.

    I don't recall having this issue with my Captivate, but I may just not remember.

    Any help? Is this something that Samsung just leaves out?
    01-31-2012 04:14 PM
  2. robor007's Avatar
    I haven't figured it out on Handcent SMS. In fact, it kinda sucks because when I get a group text it comes in like pic or video would and I have to click on it to download. That means unlocking the screen instead of displaying it in the pop through.
    01-31-2012 04:22 PM
  3. Dmunjal's Avatar
    ATT Messages supports reply to all. I actually like it. All my conversations in one place.
    02-01-2012 12:21 AM