1. jontalk's Avatar
    Am curious what all the Skyrocket lovers feel about today's review of HTC's One X. It seems like a cool phone in all respects EXCEPT the lack of microSD, non-replaceable battery, and the fact that the very cool camera lens will no doubt end up getting scratched to hell in short time.

    And with the forthcoming ATT release, Amazon has now dropped the price on the Vivid to ONE PENNY! When I read reviews comparing the Vivid (which just got the ICS update), to the Skyrocket, they're pretty even with some minor exceptions. I think the build quality of the Vivid is superior to the plasticky Skyrocket but am not sure about Sense, which many seem to think drains the battery.

    Anyone know enough about these to compare? Am also wondering if Sammy will make any hardware improvements to the SR HD when it finally releases. Am so ready to dump the iPhone 3G but don't want to waste the upgrade. The one cent deal on the Vivid is very attractive though, LOL
    04-02-2012 06:05 PM
  2. blweldon2's Avatar
    Dump the iPhone and get a Note.

    The one x looks like a nice phone, but I prefer my skyrocket. The skyrocket is just blazing fast and ics is near.
    04-02-2012 07:22 PM