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    I have been banned from a competing site for "breaking the Forum Rules"...The rules are apparently arbitrarily applied to anyone who voices an opinion that is deemed too "snarky". My ***...I stepped on one of their sponsors...HTC...sealed batteries will never be tolerated by those of us who value our freedom...Are you listening android OEMS? Please android lovers do not allow the android phones to become iPhone clones..
    04-25-2012 09:56 PM
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    Maybe you should be banned from here for making a worthless thread that no one cares about....
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    04-26-2012 12:15 AM
  3. skyrocketeer's Avatar
    Maybe you should be banned from here for making a worthless thread that no one cares about....
    Why would you post in a worthless thread no one cares about? I guess you read it? I think being banned for criticizing a product and a point of view of someone against the Skyrocket in a Skyrocket enthusiast's forum is a worthy subject...if you don't, DON'T READ IT or comment on it.
    04-26-2012 12:41 AM
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    Just going to point these out:

    Foul Language - Android Central is a site used by people of all ages, so please keep posts, usernames, and links family appropriate. We use software filters to block variations of profanity and will not tolerate attempts (i.e. use of special characters) to circumvent these filters. Feel free to curse like a sailor at your home, not ours.

    Trolling - Do not post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages to provoke users into responding in a negative way. Calling another member a troll is also a form of trolling.

    This is the warning.

    The rest of the rules are in my signature.
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    04-26-2012 12:45 AM
  5. skyrocketeer's Avatar
    what profanity?
    04-26-2012 12:50 AM
  6. LazrRocketArm's Avatar
    what profanity?
    I was understanding he was referring to eban.
    Not profanity, but under section 2 about trolling.
    04-26-2012 01:57 AM
  7. blweldon2's Avatar
    I don't see anything related to the skyrocket in that post, yet you posted it in the skyrocket section....?
    04-26-2012 06:48 AM
  8. Toby's Avatar
    what profanity?
    Were you talking about a donkey that you own?
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    04-26-2012 10:01 AM
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    We all get a little fired up from time to time. I got a trolling warning the other day from here because of the way I responded to a post. Not a bad person, just reacted poorly and removed it. Just take a breath, keep it professional and realize these boards are just for fun.
    04-26-2012 10:13 AM
  10. manonmoon49's Avatar
    Honestly, as long as the battery lasts throughout the day without being recharged I see no issue with having a sealed battery
    04-26-2012 10:19 AM
  11. skyrocketeer's Avatar
    yes my pet donkey! this is posted in skyrocket forum because it was a competing skyrocket forum that a lot of members here also frequent. I guess I was most upset that if you don't like what I am saying delete my post...don't rewrite it...second I think selective editing calls into question the motivations of a site that a lot of android users rely on to inform their purchasing decisions. I feel this is a better site in general, and this editing/banning proves that to me anyway.
    04-26-2012 01:24 PM
  12. ozziedog's Avatar
    And all this has to do with the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket how??
    04-27-2012 12:19 AM
  13. LazrRocketArm's Avatar
    And all this has to do with the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket how??
    As op stated, the other forum was a "SKYROCKET" forum. Op felt warning other "SKYROCKET" users, who may also frequent the other forum, should be informed.

    Others may not care, but if you post anywhere in the AC forums, can't think of a more appropriate category myself.
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    04-27-2012 01:21 AM
  14. skyrocketeer's Avatar
    This cracks me up...lunatic59 on the competing site...(the one who took it upon himself to edit my words and then panic and have me banned)...has decided to close down the thread as it has "run its course"...lol this is too funny... amateur night at the funny farm. Go and read the post "Phone ruins the experience"...if you want a good belly laugh...please don't post about how this doesn't "belong" in a "SkyRocket forum"... if you don't get it...don't waste your time or mine...but dumb_ _ _ _ s...may not deserve a device as well done as the SkyRocket"

    04-27-2012 09:58 PM
  15. Cory Streater's Avatar
    If you have an issue with Android Forums, take it up with Phases. I don't think either one of us appreciates members using other forums to bash the other sites mods.
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    04-29-2012 12:02 AM