1. jbautista83's Avatar
    Does anyone else have this weird texting issue with the skyrocket, where they are unusually likely to hit the first letter of each word twice? For example, you're ttexting like nnormal and then yyou ffind yourself ddoing tthis? I know this may seem like a minor issue, but for those of us who hate making typos, it is incredibly annoying to have to fix. I have never had this problem on any of my prior smartphones, so I'm thinking this is a skyrocket issue. Any ideas?
    06-09-2012 01:37 PM
  2. rgarcia900's Avatar
    Nope, i actually text like this:
    Heu hiw ate ypu... always hit the letter next to the one i really want
    06-09-2012 02:54 PM
  3. jbautista83's Avatar
    Any one have a real answer?
    06-10-2012 11:06 PM