1. mikestang11's Avatar
    Upgrading through Kies.Kies updated to current version.Follow directions.Phones plugged in,recognized,everything takes off,starts downloading,I know it takes about 20-30 min so I start web surfing while it's chugging away.All of a sudden I get a pop up saying upgrade failed.Look at phone it still shows "Downloading" in green letters.Well I know it isn't doing anything,Kies said it failed.I left everything as it was because I didn't want to unplug my phone while it still said downloading.
    I checked back several hours later and it still said same thing.So leaving everything still plugged in,I followed the Kies pop up to do an emergency failed recovery.Now the emergency failed recovery failed!I try to do reinstall and it failed again,emergency recovery,it failed again....
    Reluctantly I unplugged the usb from phone and did a reset.Now Kies won't recognize phone.Computer still making the tada sound when I plug it in.So pull battery,try again.No on my screen I see a pic of a phone,a computer screen and a big yellow triangle in the middle saying update failed do emergency recovery.I tried and of course it won't work because Kies won't recognize my phone.
    Call Samsung,Do the battery sim pull,master rest,just goes back to same screen.
    There was a link here on forums for a soft brick phone recovery,it didn't work because i cant get phone into a download mode.
    So basically my phone is bricked.Call AT&T and they said they would warranty it and send me another.Asked me about scratches ,It has a few and he said if they were to bad,I would have to pay $400 for the refurbished one!Wait they said when i bought it,that it had "Scratch Resistant Gorilla Glass" Samsung said I could send it to them for repair but no idea how long I would be without a phone.Sent it to AT&T,hopefully they won't screw me over.
    What a mess this update turned out to be!
    07-13-2012 12:05 PM
  2. hallen9999's Avatar
    Just bricked my skyrocket with stupid buggy kies. Why would att use this way to upgrade. Kies has so many bugs. From downloading issues to connection tion problems etc. I took my brick to the support center where the att tech totally dissed kies and said they have had many many kies bricked devices brought to them. I can't stress enough if you want ics you should wait until att not only acknowledges this problem but releases a fix.
    07-14-2012 05:29 PM
  3. hallen9999's Avatar
    PS to get your skyrocket into download mode hold the up and down volume at the same time while plugging in the USB, that's what the att guy did right in front of me
    07-14-2012 05:32 PM
  4. annonymouscoward's Avatar
    Kies froze up at 29% through my upgrade. I waited a long time, and finally pulled the USB plug. Then Kies popups came up talking about an emergency recovery. I plugged the phone back in, did the recovery, and 10min later it magically had ICS. What a terrible update process. The phone has a freakin updater built in--why couldn't they use that! I don't care if ICS is 60MB or whatever; that's 20s of download time on LTE.
    07-15-2012 02:11 PM