1. mmanuk's Avatar
    I made a backup of my contacts in my S2 LTE. Now some of the contacts were joined with other duplicate/triplicate accounts.
    My email is also connected to work, via ActiveSync.
    Also, there are not restrictions on our Exchange server, we can have as many devices connected, as we are currently using WinMo devices.

    Now for some reason when I re-imported the contacts back into my phone, it removed all contacts from my Outlook and when I hit sync account it does not move/copy them back into my Exchange.

    The .VCF i used to re-import is not adding all the contacts back in, just 1 from my SIM card. Even when I create a new export.

    If anyone has any idea wtf i did wrong, your help would be appreciated
    07-23-2012 10:16 AM