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    Okay, I know this is what caused it but I want to know if there is anyway to fix it.
    I recently dropped my phone onto a counter and now the media volume is not working. It is all the way turned up and no sound is playing through the speakers. However, my ringtones are working just fine and I can hear my music (media) through the headphones with no problem. When I unplug the headphones, and try to turn up the phones media volume it does not play.

    Something weird I noticed is that I was messing around when my music was on and the volume was up, I tested to see if my ringtone would play, and it did, but it was also playing my music whilst playing my ringtone. However, when my ringtone ended, so did my music, even though it was still on...

    Help, anyone?
    07-25-2012 01:39 AM