1. boundbymusic's Avatar
    About 2 weeks ago I started having issues with my 4G data connection.

    My phone loses connection nearly every time I try to use the data (Twicca, Facebook, etc). It will be gone for 10-20 seconds (full bars, but no connection), then pop back up for 10-20 seconds, then go away again, etc.

    This started happening after I used Wifi. I don't recall ever using Wifi with my GS2 before (I had used it on my first Galaxy Captivate, however), so I suppose this may have somehow started the whole ordeal.

    I upgraded to ICS a couple of days ago and the issue still persists. I spoke w/ AT&T and they said they didn't know what the problem was, but if the issue continued that I could factory reset and that would fix the problem.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I'd prefer to not factory reset unless it's the only option.
    08-15-2012 01:12 PM
  2. popusito's Avatar
    I had something similar happened to me the other day.. Delete your APN settings and create a new one and under bearer leve it unspecified, that should do the trick
    10-23-2012 08:38 PM