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    I did the Samsung ICS upgrade with Kies. It was horrific and required several tries because I had to do it on a Mac and their mac app... but I digress.

    After the upgrade I had lots of problems with restarts and such so I did a full wipe on it and started fresh. I did not wipe the sd card. Eventually I did that also. This helped, but I still get lots of times when I'm running some app, doesn't seem to matter what, and it just stutters or sometimes just freezes for a period of time. Most of the time I can turn the screen off. Most of the time if I hit buttons while it is stalled, it will catch up, like if I'm typing a message.

    I changed to CM9 and am enjoying it. At first the problem seemed to be gone, but I am getting the same problem with greater frequency again.

    What can I do to debug this?

    I'm hoping it isn't hardware, but rather an application that I ran on both ROMs, but I don't know how to track this down.

    I tried to watch and see if it only happened to apps on the SD card, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm pretty familiar with linux, but not as implemented in the depths of Android. I'd like to run top and watch while I use my phone to see if something is taking up the processes or sar. Are there equivalents to accomplishing that or some guides to troubleshooting performance for an old linux guy like myself?
    10-23-2012 08:06 PM

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