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    I have already seen issues like this in this forums but none of them have a accurate solution to fix my problem

    My problem is I just started using Bluetooth feature on my Samsung galaxy s 2 skyrocket. At first it was working instantly. Now three days later my issues have occurred to where I can't even get the Bluetooth on phone to turn on.

    The device that I use as Bluetooth is lg tone plus hbs 730. At first like I said this ddevoce connected and started to work the second day it started to cut out. Then it wouldn't connect so at first I thought it was the log device which the log does have problem and log of course doesn't care to fix device. Besides the point I got it to connect aga
    Next day today I go to connect my device and now t won't even turn on the Bluetooth it self within the phone so what i did first was sinc ei have a history of devices having problems was to go ahead and do a soft reset and nope no problems then I pulled the battery nope thej hard reset ehih by the way hard resets are a joke they never fix the issues all they do is erase all your . So next step was to call att and them out and of course they tryed same that ng I did but they did one thing I didn't do and it didn't work still. So I was like what do I do as far as replaced they said hey you have to pay 199 for new phone because the issurance I pay for doesn't cover . Please don't mind my babbling i be just had all the same issues with sprint. Even better they blamed all issues obme until one day I wejt in their and they said. oh you attena was broken internally so I left them because I had that issues go on for 4months. So I went to art no pro elms. I'll stop just please someone help before I throw this phone out he window.

    PS don't mind mistakes because my phone won't let fix them without deleting wrong words meaning if I to correct this. I would end delteing correct.
    01-14-2013 01:01 AM
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    01-14-2013 09:12 AM

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