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    So with the world of apps out there which one will allow app movement like an iphone, press hold an app then all the apps start shaking then you put them in the folder you want by dragging them to it,
    04-03-2013 11:39 AM
  2. the13bats's Avatar
    At the moment 149 read this and not one had the answer, well here is another piece from or to the puzzle not sure which ro call it,
    My phone has Go lancher on it and there iphone theme when my wife who knows android function was helping me put everything into folders I swear I saw the apps doing the little iphone shake but I can't get it to do it now,
    04-03-2013 01:07 PM
  3. stkit's Avatar
    I use Go Launcher but I don't use the Iphone theme (actually not sure what theme I have... I guess stock Go Launcher, though I have tried other Go themes, I didn't really like them).
    First, just clarify how I understand your question: you are concerned about app movement - being able to drag and drop apps into folders, right? (I.e., you don't really care if they shake or not. If you just care about the shaking as a visual signal I can't help you but maybe someone else can...)
    So, for me, when I press and hold an app icon on a home screen it allow me to move that app icon and I can then move it:
    a. to another location and if that location is occupied it pushes that icon in the destination spot someplace else to a free area (and if it is a full screen, it will switch places with the app icon you are moving.
    b. into a folder - drag and drop works, I just move the app icon over the folder and release and the icon is moved into the folder.

    Inside a folder, the app movment seems to work just like an iphone: all app icons are moved as far as they can to the top orders them from left to right, and then to the next row when the top row is full. When I hold and select an app icon and then move it, it just places the app a different place in the order so all the other apps "behind" the new placement get pushed 1 spot further back (i.e. to the right and/or down).

    I'm guess this isn't the info you really wanted but maybe you can clarify your question further...
    On the home screen the movement when I drag it
    04-04-2013 12:53 PM
  4. the13bats's Avatar
    Thanks, I have this question on two forums, to my dismay no one has any answers to the "shakes"
    Yes, mine works how you are describing yours works,
    But I did see icons shake and I would love that feature, while I know there are zillions of apps I would think for people like me and seems there are a lot in my boat we are coming from using an iphone, and would like some of the things we got used to,
    The shake feature must have been on the app called "app folder" by ayelectronics but I do not know how to get it to "work" again,
    04-04-2013 01:19 PM

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