1. EA6B's Avatar
    17+ hours over 3 days and nothing.

    1. Clean install on both an XP and Vista system.
    2. Latest version of KIES.
    3. ESET NOD32 not only disabled, but removed entirely.
    4. Tried all the ideas in the other two threads.
    5. Different USB ports and cables.
    6. As much as possible shut down any running apps on the phone, especially ONAVO and LOOKOUT.

    It connects and KIES sees the phone. It ask if I want to upgrade the firmware and I say yes. It goes through 100% downloading the upgrade files. After a minute or two of completing the download KIES totally shuts down. No indication in the task manager that it's running or even open. It does this on both systems, so I'm guess it might be a phone issue.



    BTW, my Galaxy tablet updated via Wi-Fi w/no problem, but then it DOESN'T use KIES!
    04-25-2013 08:02 PM
  2. EA6B's Avatar
    Using a USB repeater cable got me further into the download and then my phone got stuck. A trip to the local AT&T warranty office got it flashed back to the previous version. Came home with a factory reset and the upgrade took less than 5 minutes. I'm figuring one of the apps was not allowing the upgrade to occur.

    04-30-2013 07:59 PM
  3. BigPimpinc's Avatar
    Did you get your JB upgrade to work? Kies is a digital pile of steaming crapola. I would recommend following this guide from XDA. http://http://forum.xda-developers.c...7268&nocache=1 I actually downgraded to 2.3.5 to check out the process, then upgraded to 4.1.2 the next day. Pretty sweet and didn't run into any problems. You can find the .tar files on sammobile, though you will have to register an account, which sucks. Good luck.
    05-09-2013 11:49 PM
  4. Heather Carlson's Avatar
    I've been experiencing the same exact problem as you listed. I even called Samsung and spent almost 3 hours on the phone with them (because their level 2 department kept disconnecting the call) and I got nothing but a shipping label to send my phone to them to get flashed. Since no one can explain how "flashing" the phone can actually help I'm not inclined to give up my phone for almost 15 days to only find out I still can't upgrade.
    05-19-2013 03:19 AM
  5. grenefroggie's Avatar
    You can download the most current version from SamMobile and flash it using Odin.

    You will lose your data, so it is important to back it up (pictures, SMS/MMS, videos, and else).
    05-28-2013 06:01 PM

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