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    So, I am unsure weather this is a problem with Go SMS or if there is a worse issue at play here but here goes:
    So about two days ago before work I got a text message from a 204-area code number saying, "Who is this?" I had no idea who was texting me or where 204-area code was. After some back and forth I found out that 204 is the area code for Manitoba, I live in Ontario, and that he had received a text from my number saying, "Gonna go hit the gym, wanted to say hi [Emoji , need decode plugin]" with the text in the brackets being a link and a picture attached. After I got off work I got another text from another 204-area code number. This person said they got a text from my number at about 9:30pm in my province (so basically as soon as I turned my phone back on after work) containing pictures of his son. This guy was convinced I was his crazy ex trying to mess with him. Neither of these messages appeared in Go SMS as having been sent or in the stock messenger. Two virus scans with AVG Free have come back clear. Is it my phone sending these messages or is someone else using my number? Can I stop this?
    10-10-2013 10:01 AM

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