1. lovespurple11's Avatar
    How do I stop the Kies program from running every time I boot up my laptop? How do I just run it when I need it and click on it??? It's making my whole system so slow it freezes up. I have to End the application every time, then End all the processes.
    11-26-2013 09:26 PM
  2. anedge's Avatar
    Hey fuchsia lover. Rule # 1...Don't use Kies. The only time you will ever need it is when you update your device, and that is few and far between, you should be running 4.1.2 now. Its doubtful it will be upgraded anytime soon. In Kies there is an option ,I believe under settings (if not search around, it is there) to run the program when you connect the phone via usb. Uncheck that option. In the future if you want to move files, photos ,music etc...plug in the phone and go to Computer and locate the phone, it will be listed as a another drive, maybe (E) and the SD card (F) from there you can drag and drop whatever you need to the system and from the system to the phone. Now to get rid of that piece of crap program from running all the time, go to system configuration, under the general tab, selective startup, check load system services and startup services, leave boot blank...then to the start up tab and disable all Kies items in there, and while your at it disable a lot of unneeded startup crap (your computer will thank you on boot). you can find out what else to disable on start up by just googling it. Or you can kill the startup stuff by using CCcleaner. I don't know how advanced you are with this stuff, but its relatively easy. After you disable the Kies items you will have to restart, don't forget to hit apply!! after startup check to see if the program is running under processes in task manager. You eventually can uninstall the Kies program, but you will need to keep the Samsung drivers in order to connect the phone in the future or just leave it alone and never open it until you see an upgrade, hopefully to 4.3 or even kit kat in the forums. Doubtful that will ever happen. Remember, YOU DONT NEED KIES!! If you need more help let me know. Have a wonderful holiday. JD
    11-28-2013 08:54 PM

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