1. dennador's Avatar
    I have had my skyrocket for about two years now, and the charger had been becoming more and more finicky, and harder to charge. Last night I plugged it in, and the charger got very hot, and the phone turned off. When I pulled the charger out and tried turning on the phone (previously at 60% batter life) the battery was at 0% and it shut off again immediately. Since then I have not been able to charge it at all, and it is dead. Does anybody know how/what to do next?
    Is this something I can fix myself? I have taken laptops apart, but never a smartphone. Very upsetting since I really love this phone. (It's my first smartphone)
    05-07-2014 02:02 PM
  2. VDub2174's Avatar
    Have you tried other chargers?
    05-07-2014 02:24 PM
  3. dennador's Avatar
    yes, I have tried car chargers, the charger in my PC, and a few other cables, nothing will charge it.
    05-07-2014 02:38 PM
  4. rgarcia900's Avatar
    Time for a new battery or phone. I think your battery is fried or shorted.

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    05-07-2014 06:17 PM
  5. dennador's Avatar
    that would suck majorly, I only bought this battery a week ago. It's a Samsung battery too, not an aftermarket made in china imitation battery.
    05-07-2014 06:26 PM
  6. dennador's Avatar
    new info: after a minute of leaving the chargers in, they become hot, and the charging port starts to smell a little of burning wire. the phone still turns on, but turns off again due to being so low on charge. Is there a way to just replace the charging port? can I do it, or is it something I should let a professional do?
    05-07-2014 08:24 PM
  7. VDub2174's Avatar
    I've read around the forums that some people have done that on their own. Maybe check YouTube to see what it entails.

    I would also stop trying to charge it until you have the problem fixed.

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    05-07-2014 11:09 PM
  8. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I am highly inclined to agree with VDub. The phone is now a safety hazard. It may be the battery. You can try a new one. Replacing the charging port may be possible. The question is how easily you can get one, and how difficult it is to change it.

    From an SOKP Nexus 5
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    05-07-2014 11:15 PM

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