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    Hello everyone. 1st time poster here, I think...

    I have had the Skyrocket for 3 years now. Battery was great on GB but after upgrading to ICS I have had battery problems. I have done all the homework and followed all the advice on many websites for battery life. I disabled/changed all the settings, I rooted and installed other roms and everything else in between. Trust me I have spent many months of my time over the years trying to fix this. The issue persists. Battery life is great when wifi is disabled. I lose maybe 2% if an 8 hour period while sleeping and wifi and mobile data are off. Yes it happens on mobile data as well. I don't use mobile data anymore so it's always disabled. I lose about 2 to 3 percent while I'm sleeping (about 8 hours) and wifi is off as I said but I lose about 2-3 percent per hour when wifi is on even when phone is not in use.

    What I next was to disable all apps that use internet. However I did not disable any system apps/processes. The issue persisted. I am certain that a system process is causing the issue. My question is how can I determine what process is causing the issue? What app can I download in order to determine the app that is using the network? Thanks for any help.
    02-05-2015 04:02 PM
  2. Shodan5150's Avatar
    I found some on google play. Found Network Counter, etc. Seems I was using the wrong words for mt search, oops.

    Now I'll have to check them out and see which ones break down the processes into a detailed view. If anyone has a suggestion on a particular app, please let me know. Thanks
    02-05-2015 06:23 PM

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