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    I have an ATT Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket i727.

    A few days ago, my phone randomly shut off and got into a bootloop. This bootloop would flash the first white Samsung logo, then flash the "glowing" Samsung logo, load the ATT Welcome screen, then restart, and was only remedied with taking out & re-inserting the battery. After that, I noticed that it always got into said bootloop when Mobile Data/WiFi was on/being used, so I kept the phone with them both off, or in airplane mode.

    The next day, the bootloops got worse. I could only get the phone to escape the bootloop by removing and replacing the battery, plugging in the phone to a power source, and then turning it on. By the end of the day, the bootloops had worsened again. I had to remove&replace the battery, turn on the phone, wait for the first two Samsung screens, and then plug in the phone when the Welcome screen appeared. Otherwise, if I kept the phone plugged the whole time (like previously), the phone would boot to the Welcome screen (sometimes) or barely finish the second logo before turning off, which would bring it to the "powered-off-but-charging" screen.

    This morning, my phone could barely make it that far. It took many tries of the Second Booting-Method (will abbreviate as SB-M) I used to even make it to having my phone work, and my phone could only load the first logo, then loop, if not plugged in.

    This evening, before I went to work, my phone shut off randomly and entered a bootloop again, BUT the data/wifi was off, WHILE airplane mode was off and phone was usable, AND I had simply tapped the Gallery viewer. After that, it would get stuck on just the first logo screen if unplugged, and then loop after the Welcome screen if it was plugged in. I gave the phone to my boyfriend to try to backup all my files (photos/videos/contacts/texts [I had made a local backup of my sms&mms with an app, and wanted the backup file extracted] etc.), but he said that he was extremely stuck on a bootloop and couldn't even get my phone to turn on to actually extract files. I couldn't believe my ears at all when he told me. But lo and behold, the bootloop had yet again gotten worse.

    The phone will only boot to the first logo screen before looping, whether or not it is plugged in. I managed to get to the Welcome screen (right where it dims a bit at the end as it finishes/before where the screen would flash to the lock screen of phone if it were in good condition), but ONLY if the phone is off, and I turn it on,and I IMMEDIATELY plug it in when the first logo screen is on or juuuuuuuuuust finishes. Otherwise, it will either just bootloop if unplugged, or if left on the plug after the battery is removed&replaced and turned on, will just return to the "powered-off-but-charging" screen.

    I can't seem to Recovery Mode, either my phone just can't do it because of the bootloop crap, or I'm doing it wrong, but I am able to get into Download Mode, where it first flashes with the "Warning! A custom OS could.." blah blah, and the options to: 1) Continue, with VolumeUp or 2) Cancel, with VolumeDown

    I pressed VolumeUp, which brings me to where my phone currently is, on a frozen Odin page. The screen says:


    Downloading... Do not power off device! "

    - Is there a way to backup the data from my phone's internal SD card? The personal datas on there are very very very precious to me.

    - What seems to be the problem with my phone?
    I read that it might be a stuck power key, which seems unlikely since my phone doesn't auto turn-on when unplugged and battery is reinserted. I read that it MIGHT also be the battery connection ribbon on the inside (no idea if that even exists, since I'm not exactly the best with tech stuff lol...)

    - Is it safe for me to unplug/disconnect the charging cable from my phone when the screen is stuck like this on Odin? I don't want to accidentally wipe everything from my phone (as you can see, I'm super paranoid about the data, UGH!).

    - Would a factory reset fix whatever is plaguing my phone?
    My phone is originally from ATT, and I got it new in January of 2013, but we recently switched to T-mobile about two months ago, so it is unlocked. I was planning on backing up all my data later next week and doing a factory reset so I could give this Skyrocket to my mom, while I get a new unlocked phone to use. Looks like the phone got to me before I could get to it for the backup :/ I don't want this problem to persist if I can even get it ready for my mom to use. She does not know English whatsoever, and would definitely not know what to do if problems like this arise (aka, she would panic, and even if calm, would not know how to open the battery door to remove&replace battery).

    I've literally been a wreck since I've gained knowledge that my phone cannot even be backed up. My heartstrings are tearing every which way and I literally cannot even fall asleep due to my worry over my phone data. I'm desperately hoping and begging everyone on this forum to help in some way possible right now. Please, there's so many important things kept on there...

    I will provide any info that I may have left out & is pertinent to helping find the cause and solution to this increasingly irritating and seemingly hopeless situation.

    PS. Sorry for all the "boot"s, "bootloop"s, etc. or typo's
    03-16-2015 04:12 AM
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    First off, welcome to Android Central.

    The Odin screen you are on is safe to pull the battery if you aren't sending any files to the phone through the data cable.

    A reset or reflashing the ROM through Odin may be your only option. Your data may get wiped in either instance. It should stay safe during a reset, but I have seen and been through instances where it gets wiped too.
    03-16-2015 08:40 AM

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