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    High, i cant open html files. i get the following message:

    Die angeforderte Datei wurde nichtgefunden.(file could not be found) Permision Denial-Opening providercom.metago.astro.provider.FileSystemProvid er fromProcessRecord{405826a821630:com.android.htmlvi ewer/10029(pid=21630,uid=10029) requires null or null

    i installed the dolphin browser. if i type content://com.android.htmlfileprovider/sdcard/pfad/dateiname.html i get the following message

    Die angeforderte Datei wurde nicht gefunden.(file could not be found) Permission Denial: opening provider com.android.htmlviewer.FileContentProvider from ProcessRecord{40acc000 7790:mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser/10101} (pid=7790,uid=10101) requires null or null
    07-18-2011 12:07 PM
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    Try a different browser. It seems the HD Dolphin Browser v 5.0 works with the S2.
    07-18-2011 12:50 PM
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    High, the dolphin browser is already installed. I tried to open the file on a winmobile handy, no problem. On th pc no problem, too.

    Seems to be a very difficult problem, on other sites i could not be helped an i posted this problem on many sites.

    firmware is 2.3.3
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    07-19-2011 11:19 AM