1. fallensoulja's Avatar
    will t-mobile be getting this device?
    07-21-2011 02:55 PM
  2. JayWill's Avatar
    will t-mobile be getting this device?
    It's still unknown at this point. A T-Mobile branded SGS2 has been the least talked about and with the least amount of information (although there really hasn't been much about the other carriers either). T-Mobile is supposed to be seeing a Samsung device in September code named "Hercules", but it reportedly has a 4.5" screen and a Qualcomm Dual Core processor. But if the specs are accurate it could rival the SGS2 in power, if not BE the SGS2 with some carrier tweaks.

    It would seem strange if T-Mobile didn't get a SGS2, but it could have something to do with the potential merger with AT&T. I think a lot more will be known next month.
    07-21-2011 03:45 PM