1. TBayTom's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    My current Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S I) has an app called "BLN control- Free" in the Marketplace that lights up my control buttons whenever I receive an email or some type of notification. Haven't notice a big difference in battery usage from this app either. Hopefully this app runs on the new Galaxy SII phones... anyone know? If this app doesn't run well, is there another one you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!
    08-31-2011 09:56 AM
  2. Broheemster's Avatar
    Another one reported in forums is one called "no led". Also blink, blinker, light flow. Remember to read the descriptions though as certain apps might only work for certain phones or have limited features like SMS and call notification only etc etc. I don't have an android phone at the moment so I can't give more specifics nor check out the apps myself.
    08-31-2011 10:53 AM
  3. Duggald's Avatar
    Just downloaded it from the market to see for ye.

    Said I had to install the BLN mod first, so went to the website for further info and the GS2 isn't on the "Supported list".

    I may have missed something, but it isn't looking promising.
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    08-31-2011 10:58 AM
  4. ohyeahar's Avatar
    Battery life does take a significant hit when using BLN. (Supposedly, it prevents the device from entering deep sleep mode.)
    As much as I would love to have a notification light, it isn't worth it for me. But do give it a shot and see for yourself.
    09-06-2011 01:32 AM
  5. robsw's Avatar
    You need a custom kernel for BLN to work on the GS2. It does use quite a bit of battery. I stuck with NoLED.
    09-06-2011 06:59 AM