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    The galaxy s2 lte has a multi-mode. What does that mean. Can it work with current 3g network like tmobile, sprint, att, or other us carriers. Can it be activated on any network or does it only accept networks that have Lte already. Explain in detail please. Also will a us tmobile sim work in it.
    09-11-2011 09:54 PM
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    Answer please
    09-13-2011 02:43 PM
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    Yes that is what it means BUT it will depend on what bands your carrier is using compared to what bands the device supports. For example the BB9700 has 2 models - one for att and their bands and another for TMO and their bands. This is as far as 3G goes. If in 2G mode it will work in either network as long as the subsidy lock is removed (put a tmo SIM in an att branded device etc). As far as 4G (true 4G) it is the same i.e. don't expect a Sprint 4G (WiMax) to work on Verizon 4G (LTE).
    09-14-2011 09:38 PM
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    I have wondered the same thing, if it'll work on at&t's LTE bands.

    As far as I've been reading it is compatible with European LTE bands, but what about US LTE bands.

    From what I've heard/read Verizon runs on 700Mhz LTE band (correct me if I'm wrong) and at&t will/or currently run on 1700Mhz or 1900Mhz, so what about the European LTE bands, what are they?

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    09-15-2011 07:39 AM
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    But some network dont have the lte sim yet. What about cdma carrier without sim and tmobile does not plan to have LTE anytime soon will a regular sim work also.
    09-15-2011 03:55 PM
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    Can it also be flashed to other cdma carriers
    09-15-2011 03:57 PM
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    Thanks also
    09-15-2011 04:32 PM