1. m.vasquez009's Avatar
    Hey I was wondering how many hours of use this battery will last? I was thinking about getting the att version and I've heard battery life isn't that great but people seem to say that about every new smartphone that comes out so I was wondering how many hours of usage you guys are getting?? **i wouldn't be using email Bluetooth, gps or checking for updates every 20 mins* so I'm imagining battery life will be pretty decent right ?!?!?!?
    09-16-2011 10:44 AM
  2. D-Caf's Avatar
    Well, for most of the day I have the following running:

    GPS on
    Wifi/Bluetooth both on and checking for connections (for car drive, and occasional hotspots)
    Tweetdeck polling for updates on twitter/facebook
    WeatherBug getting regular weather updates for my gps location and saved locations
    K9 Mail polling every 15-30 minutes for IMAP email from three accounts
    Occasional browsing (30minutes to 1 hour total a day)
    Occasional SMS (2-4 day max)
    Occasional Voice Call (3-4 under 5 minute calls)

    With that kind of use (about 1GB data a month total) I get a full days use. Take it off the charger about 7 am and it's ready for the charger by 10pm. If I know it's going to be a heavy day I keep a charger at work and will let it charge while in the office. I also have a car charger just in case.
    09-16-2011 07:48 PM
  3. m.vasquez009's Avatar
    hmmmm alright battery life should be pretty good for me then since i dont use those services quite as frequently as you do,,thanks
    09-16-2011 11:04 PM
  4. Meiji's Avatar
    I don't give it a heavy use and most of the time I have WiFi and Bluetooth off. Since I'm in office most of the day, I replace that with listening to music all the time, I also use the 3G about every hour to check mostly Facebook, TweetDeck, Dolphin Browser HD and email, a YouTube video from time to time and also IM+ to use msn messenger and Facebook chat. I disconnect it from charger at about 7am and connect it again at about 7pm with still 30-40% of battery life.

    Of course, I you like to play HD or 3D games all the time, your battery won't last much. While playing Alphalt 6, I have to charge my phone 2-3 hours later, that or playing while charging.
    09-18-2011 05:13 PM
  5. Elvis1973's Avatar
    It lasts a good amount of time on standby but as soon as u turn wifi on & start using it, the phone drinks the battery.
    It lasts me until teatime then i hav to charge it but I've just ordered a new extended life battery for it.
    I'd class myself as a medium user


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    09-28-2011 05:08 PM
  6. gsainath4u's Avatar
    On a moderate usage, I got more than 12hrs of battery life everyday. ( I generally try to charge as soon as the battery falls below 40-50% ).

    One day, I decided to try out the max. duration I could squeeze out of my phone. I charged fully and disconnect before I slept. These are the things my phone did that day.
    -> Connected to WiFi for 7hrs.
    -> Connected to HSDPA/3G for the rest of the time. (Most of the time, it was shifting between the two, trying to connect to the better signal)
    -> Played Asphalt for about 15mins.
    -> Used Aldiko Reader to read some book for about 30mins.
    -> Facebook for about 30-45mins.
    -> Voice calls for 45mins
    -> Other misc. activities.
    -> Only Gmail, Accuweather(3hr refresh) are connected all the time.
    -> No auto-updates of any apps.

    With the above things, the mobile ran for 22+hrs, after which it finally said "Battery Critically Low" and did not show any percentage in the 'Settings-> About Phone-> Status-> Battery Level' option.
    09-30-2011 05:56 AM