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    I drove to Carmel, California over the weekend. Didn't get there until around 2 a.m. Sunday morning because I got a flat out in the middle of nowhere. I called AAA, but I would have to wait about an hour. I used my gps to explain where I was. Without it, I couldn't have told them where I was because I had no idea. I told them I would flash police lights from my phone so they could find me. I was nervous because it was dark and there was nothing around except the freeway. People kept stopping to ask if I needed help. I stayed in the car and kept telling them that AAA was on the way.

    After about 45 minutes, I turned on my flashlight app and ran the police lights. Within 5 minutes, a CHP officer drove up! He was angry that I was flashing police lights. I explained why I was doing it and he softened and understood. He stayed with me until AAA arrived about. 15 mins later.

    If I still had my BB, I would have been flashing the lights on a 3" screen, if there is even an app for that. My large, Superamoled+ screen and my gps /google maps came to my rescue. I loved this phone before. Now I know, I can't live without it! If you haven't downloaded the flashlight app from the market, do it. It works great!
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    11-15-2011 09:54 PM