1. dan1431's Avatar
    I am still beyond frustrated with Amazon.com and honestly just need a place to vent.

    On 11/18/2011 I ordered a unlocked Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100 from them and paid for overnight shipping as my trust worthy Nexus One died and I could no longer wait for the Galaxy Nexus.

    On 11/19/2011 the UPS driver delivered the package and after opening the box I discovered that the box did not contain the phone. There was the wall charger, usb cable, headphones and user manuals but no phone nor battery.

    I called up Amazon and spoke with an outsourced call center who could only offer to ship me out another unit and did so.

    Today I received the replacement unit only to discover that this unit too is missing the actual phone and battery.

    I spoke with my Credit Card company and opened a fraud investigation (my only recourse as Amazon CS in India just wanted to depot me another unit).

    I am beyond annoyed at this point and still without a phone, which is the bigger issue.

    Anybody have a way of contacting Amazon in the USA and speaking with somebody who has some actual authority to get things done?

    11-19-2011 12:52 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    I just got my unlocked Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100 from NewEgg.

    I remember Buy.com was having that same problem for a while. Customers would order something and get an empty box.

    I'd try another seller.
    11-19-2011 09:35 PM