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    Hi Everyone

    I just want to tell you of my frustration when I opened my new SGS2 box to find that someone (in CHINA) and interceped my package on its way to New Zealand and had replaced it with a cheap chinese HTC ripoff !

    The Samsung box itself had had the original seal removed and had a flimzy one to replace it, But all the original parts in the box were left in.

    I bought it from a very good dealer in NZ but I appears that I am now the 4th person this month to have had stolen either a iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S2 removed and replaced with a cheap knock off.

    Im getting my money back and have to spend a extra $20 to buy one from another store since they ran out of stock.



    Im asking that everyone who is buying a phone from anythere, (and I have heard of one from the androidcentral forums) to be extra careful when buying online.
    11-25-2011 05:30 AM