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    I received this message after switching on my SGS2 this morning.

    It appeared that the internal storage wasn't working as the 32Gb card was fine when accessed through a USB card slot. I couldn't copy anything over because of that. After reading a few threads across the web, I came to the conclusion that there really wasn't much I could do with an unrooted phone and decided to pull the plug on a format.

    It didn't seem to work but after yet another reboot, I got access again but just lost all my internal data (to be expected).

    This is really just a note to let everyone know that:

    1. Back up everything!
    2. It will take some time to restore everything to how it was but other than that its not such a big deal. I was more concerned about not having the phone for a few weeks with the service provider looking at it.

    Anything else I should have done?
    01-06-2012 06:40 AM