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    Hi, this is my first post here and I greetings you and thank you for your availability.
    I' m having my new Samsung Galaxy S2 for about one week and before I have had a Htc Desire Hd. Now I' m writing by this Desire.
    I have used the software My Backup Pro for restoring of programs by Desire Hd.
    The S2 device has disappointed me for some features.
    I have last build version an official Gingerbread "La2" 2.3.6.
    This Samsung reaches about 50 degrees Centigrade temperature; the recharge of battery is very slow; the charge of battery for a navigation on Internet for about three-four hours finishes; the setting for display on automatic brightness and for switch off of display setted on 1 minute doesn' t hold the settings when I restart the device or change the battery.
    The speech recognition setted on default when I push double touch on central key is Vlingo Speech Recognition that doesn' t work "perfectly" as Google Speech Recognition.
    The Dolphin browser when I use pinch to zoom through two fingers the text doesn' t align itself avoiding to slide the web page left to right and reverse. I can read aligned only using the key with less and plus signs for the zoom.
    Farther the sensibility of 3G signal perhaps is less for S2 than Desire Hd; be absent a notify led.
    Do you think if I change the ROM and I installed an unofficial can I resolve this deficiencies?
    Which one?
    02-10-2012 07:34 AM
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    hi umby75
    maybe you have a faulty sg2, mine dont get hot have had it for 8 months and i am very pleased with it, maybe take it back where you brought it and tell them your problems

    02-11-2012 02:18 AM
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    This is one of the leading smartphones on the market but it like all things won't please everyone. since you have only had it for a short time perhaps you should just return it. :thumbup:

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    02-12-2012 09:27 AM
  4. husenady's Avatar
    No ones perfect....I love mine <3<3

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    02-16-2012 12:07 AM
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I think this is the most amazing phone ever made. I love mine. I make love to mine. Ohhh baby sweet touchwiz.

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    02-16-2012 09:51 AM
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    Sorry your having a rough time, have a few questions for you..first off I'll take it that your using a stock rom (please correct if different).. Have you updated by kies lately as your phone should not be getting that hot,yes it will get warm during use depending what your doing..it will get warm during charging especially if you leave it on.
    As your problems with your software goes as you said you used a backup from your HTC, I would recommend doing a factory reset and the re-install your programs from scratch (if possible) as you may have a bad backup but going from a HTC to a Samsung though the android system is the same the way the phones set them up maybe different.
    The S2 is power hungry and depending how you have it set up..ie do you keep your WiFi,gps or other options on all the time, your display setup will also chew up battery time especially on the the automatic setting, and don't forget if you keep your data sync on all the time, you may wish to download cpu spy and better battery stats of see if you have any programs that are causing 'partial wakelocks' that will drain your caused by various programs not shutting down or running in the background. (I average 2 to 2/12 days before I need to charge)
    Changing rom is a totally different can of worms as they come in stock form,ASOP (basically stock but modified in some form) Custom roms and MIUI but then you have to decide what you want in it,but most will improve you phone performance but most require you to root your device and could void your phone warranty ..
    Sorry for the long post..but the Sg2 is a fantastic phone but like a computer it takes a bit of work..
    02-19-2012 04:39 AM