1. gayleard's Avatar
    I'm a new Samsung Galaxy S2 owner, so forgive me if I show ignorance.
    As I understand it, some contacts are stored on the SIM card, and some in the phone.

    1. Is that correct?
    2. How do I find how many there are in each place?
    3. Can I delete the SIM contacts but keep the phone contacts?

    To explain my motivation: I have about 300 contacts on my old phone, a Sony Ericsson T610.
    About 70 of these were on the SIM card (this is how many the SIM card will hold), and I have transferred these to the SGS2.
    Now I want to clear the SIM card, return it to the old phone, transfer more contacts to the SIM card there, and transfer them to the SGS2.
    Unfortunately I do not seem able to delete the contacts in the SIM card on either phone.

    I have sync-ed the contacts on the SGS2 to my Google account, so I guess I could delete all the contacts on the SGS2 and then sync them back from the Google account?
    But is there a simpler way?
    02-13-2012 07:07 AM
  2. timmetal's Avatar
    That's the best way for sure. Just connect to your computer and copy paste into your SIM card. Then import to google after making a cvs file with contact backup off the market. Sync and you're done
    03-30-2012 01:28 AM