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    Ok, so I just wanted to root my phone, but I ended up with a bad situation...

    So first things first, I followed this tutorial:
    How To Root the Samsung Galaxy S II (All Versions) - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr

    When I got into download mode, it just stayed there, so I held my phones power button for 10 seconds, it turned off, then I turned it back on and got the "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue" screen, when I turn it off again, it just reboots to the screen again automatically..

    Is there ANY way I can fix this?!
    03-03-2012 01:35 PM
  2. SavageBrat's Avatar
    Hi..you seem to have a problem..so let's see if i can help..first off did you at least write down what your original firmware was.. if so you will need to download it again as you will need to reflash you phone..
    if not then you will need to check the pages listed below to find your firmware for your phone and the region that you in..

    you can check here.. SamMobile Firmware Page or [ROM+Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares K/G/H/I/J/KK1/2/5/KL1/2/3/LA2,4/LB2 Download - xda-developers

    not a 100% sure if Intratech has all his links up yet but you can check plus read the first few pages as it pretty hard to brick the S2..and most/all of the information you need is posted there

    you will also need to down load Odin3 v 1.85..to flash your phone
    (make sure that you don't have kies running in the background as it doesn't get along with Odin,bring up your task manager and end process with anything that says kies )

    take the firmware that you downloaded and place it in a folder on your desk top so it's easy to find ..

    extract and start odin..and look towards the lower right side you see where it says bootloader,pda ,phone and csc..
    1) check the pda box then hit the pda square to find your downloaded firmware (this is why I said place it in a folder on your desktop)
    2) put your phone into recovery mode (hold the power button, volume down and center key ) and make sure you have at least a 50% charge on your battery..
    3) connect phone to your computer and give Odin a minute and your ID:COM will turn yellow when the phone is connected (if not then check your usb drivers for your phone)
    4) then press the start button and let Odin do its thing will take about 3 to 5 minutes..if all goes well you will get a green box saying passed your phone should automatically reboot and you'll be back to your original firmware..
    after you done this drop me a pm and we'll get you rooted or just follow the directions in Intratech's post to get rooted.. feel free to drop a note if you get stuck some where..good luck
    03-04-2012 12:14 AM
  3. timmetal's Avatar
    Hey man, I been flashing different roms and kernels for a little while now and nearly bricked my phone (or so I thought) twice. If your phone was purchased within the last year (otherwise you would have had to update and probably would be more familiar with odin) your phone most probably came with the el29 stock firmware. There is a one touch version of odin that I stand by. Its stock el29 gingerbread sph-d710 build rooted with stock kernel. Go to epic4gtouchroot.com and go to the root/unroot article. Download the unrootepic4gtouchEl29 file there. There are 2 versions. Both provide root. One does an el29 factory stock install with data wipe and the other is no data wipe factory install. Both have gotten me out of some very sticky situations, and i've rooted my wife and all my friends e4gt phones. Pick which one is best for you. You dont have to download any other files add you go back to factory stock, no yellow triangle plus root 1. Download file to your desktop. 2. Make sure you have the proper drivers installed. (download and install Kies to install the drivers then disable the program from running in the back ground through your task manager. 3. Power down your device and put it into download mode. (hold vol. down + power button. Then press vol. Up button to go into odin mode. 4. Start up odin3Execution v1.8.1 E4GT-EL29 Restore-Rooted / Rooted ND program you downloaded off of epic 4g touch.com. 5. Connect your device to the USB (should get a yellow COMM: signal showing your device is connected with-> added at the bottom. If not re install drivers.) Click start. If all goes well you should get a green PASS: signal on the program and your device will automatically reboot. 6. Save this program for emergencies and enjoy the stock ROM. If you want to flash other ROMS you will need to use odin 1.85 to flash CWM the same way you just flashed back to stock EL29. And always make a nandroid back up with CWM prior to flashing any other ROM. download app backup and contact back up off the market to be doubly sure. Good luck and lemme know how it goes.
    03-30-2012 01:08 AM