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    I'm a Blackberry guy who needs some help from the Android world.

    My friend has just bought a Samsung Galaxy II in the UK from Carphone Warehouse. Specifically chose an unlocked carrier free one.

    BUT one of the main reasons for choosing it was to use the UMA feature for routing calls via Wireless because he has bad (zero) phone reception in his house. Orange Mobile in the UK support UMA calling and list the Galaxy II as also supporting it. (It works well with my Blackberry Bold 9780)

    Trouble is, we cannot work out how to get this to work on his phone. From what we can tell we need to install the "Orange Signal Boost" app which is found in stock Orange firmware. (how do I set up Signal Boost (UMA) on my Android? | help & support | Orange UK)

    Has anyone here done this? Or found a way to enable UMA Calling from their Samsung Galaxy II?

    I personally own a Blackberry. On there UMA "just worked" as it was a default part of the phone. I advised my friend to get the Samsung Galaxy II as it is a better phone and more future proof. Now I am worrying that I have advised him wrong.

    Surely there must be a way to get this to work? Or do we have to return the phone and swap it for one with Orange Mobile Firmware installed?
    05-14-2012 10:10 AM
  2. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Or to put the question another way - how can I install orange uk firmware on this phone? Is it easy to swap firmware around on a phone not locked to a carrier?
    05-14-2012 10:29 AM