1. nba2389's Avatar
    I bought the SG S2 last year unlocked from Amazon but still am not able to update to ICS without rooting it. I am using AT&T. Is this normal or should do I have to wait until AT&T rolls out their update? thanks.
    06-22-2012 04:35 PM
  2. BCwrangler's Avatar
    I bought an unlocked S2 last year and I had too root and flash ICS on it, as the CSC was from Panama and highly unlikely would it see an update. Samsung had way too many CSC versions for the S2 and really made it confusing, which seems fixed now with the way they introduced the S3. With your phone unattached to any carrier there's no guarantee when you will see one, so I would at least check which CSC is on your phone and go from there.
    06-22-2012 08:58 PM