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    This is my first time posting.

    I am a noob, but I am trying to get beyond that. I have flashed kernels and ROMS to my GT-I9100, with success. The other day, I was going to flash a new ROM, and I tried to make a Clockworkmod backup of my current ROM...while the phone was charging. Is this a major blunder?

    The reason that I ask is that CWM crashed in the middle of the backup, and now I can't enter CWM recovery and the phone doesn't boot properly. I just get stuck in a bootloop. I can get into download mode. I used Pistachio's post on XDA about how to fix a soft-bricked GS2 to flash back to stock thru Odin. Then I used CF-ROOT to re-root the phone. After that, everything works fine, and I can get to Android recovery mode. Then when I try to flash a ROM, Titanium Backup must be restoring the previous version of ROM Manager, and I get stuck in the same bootloop when trying to get into CWM recovery.

    Is Clockworkmod corrupted? Did the recovery partition get corrupted? Should I flash back to stock, delete ROM Manager, then re-install it? Should I bite the bullet and delete my Titanium Backup folder, then re-install everything from scratch? Should I flash back to stock with Pistachio's .PIT file and tick RE-PARTITION?

    I looked for an answer specific to this problem, and cannot find the exact same scenario in any other threads (here or on XDA). There are similar problems, but I think that I have a CWM app or recovery partition problem, or I may have a NAND rw corruption. I don't think that it is a NAND rw corruption though, because I can flash different kernels and ROMs, and the problem doesn't reoccur until after ROM Manager gets restored.

    I have been using Resurrection Remix versions 2.2, 2.4.1, and 2.5.3.
    I have been using Siyah 3.3.2 kernel.

    Please help, and excuse my noobness if I am beating a dead horse with this question.
    07-10-2012 08:00 AM