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    This is for my boss's boss:

    After upgrading her Galaxy S2 on Sprint to ICS, I ended up doing a restore to factory fresh (and even cleared system cache) because of terrible battery drain issues.

    The ONLY 3rd party thing I put on her phone was swiftkey 3.

    She had a gmail, comcast and exhange accounts setup.

    Twice now, her comcast AND exchange account email account vanished (no longer showing up in settings | accounts).

    After it happened the first time, I did a factory reset.

    But now that it happened again after a factory reset and cache clear, we're very upset.

    I'm going to do another rest, and this time not install swiftkey.

    Makes me wish she got an iphone.

    Any ideas what's going on?

    08-06-2012 10:02 AM
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    Get an app called link2sd and check that email, exchange, seven engine are all there, long press on them and clear data off all of them then set up accounts again, SAVE, reboot!

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    09-06-2012 12:31 PM

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