1. tdave417's Avatar
    Recently I updated my Samsung Galaxy sII to the version 4.0.4 and prior to that, when I would use the Email app (not Gmail) to view my emails, everything would be fine.

    However, now when I view my email since the update, all I see is this below (click the imageshack link and you will see my phone screenshot)


    and I am unable to open anything, let alone see anything. I really hope that someone would be able to assist me because I have my company email set up on the phone, however, I am unable to view anything when it comes in and I am not always at a computer when traveling for work.

    Please help...
    08-16-2012 06:11 PM
  2. kremmen's Avatar
    I am not technical but I had the same problem and spent some time searching google for possible solutions which seem to involve deleting the account and clearing cache and then re inputting sign in info. This didn't work for me but I was lucky as my email account has a web based account which I added as a bookmark.
    Last week by chance I thought I would try again from a different angle and I removed the email "shortcut" from my email folder and I went to my applications and re input my email info into the email app .
    Worked for me even after moving back to email folder on home page.

    Good luck

    09-03-2012 04:01 PM